"On the way Sammy Sousa"

Sammy inspires dreams. Baseball is life. Thank you, Sammy Sousa.


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Sammy Sousa, a Dominican, is the greatest and most famous Latin American baseball player to have ever existed. He used to train on the streets with an empty fruit juice can. He played for the Chicago Cubs and in 1998, he broke the record for home runs scored in a season. In 2000, Sosa achieved the same record for the second time in three years.

In the Dominican Republic, it’s the dream of every boy to become like him. It’s beautiful to see street training sessions, to feel the strength exuded by the coaches, and to hear the cries of joy when the ball is pitched and when a perfect hit is made.

In the area of La Romana, there are several places to meet these future champions. They gather on the streets in the morning or late afternoon on makeshift fields in the middle of the countryside or near the developing city that surrounds them.

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